We did lose our beloved Guruji BKS Iyengar Wednesday 20 August 2014. He is no more with us in body, He will never ever leave us in spirit.He was 96 years old, We were all so fortunate we could have him and his teaching around for so long. He touched many lives in many different ways, every time we take out a mat, a blanket, belt, bolster, or any other prop, all came from him.We have so much to be grateful for.

Classes follow the teaching of BKS Iyengar. You need to be in the right level of class, ask the teacher for their advice.

I have now added some workshop.

Iyengar Yoga is Therapeutic, restorative, and preventative. For those demanding the very best, Iyengar Yoga is for you. Being able at any time to sacrificing what we are for what we can become.

Please email any questions, I am much better at getting back via email than phone. matad@earthlink.net


INTRO, for those who have never practiced Yoga before, or those new to Iyengar style yoga,

LEVEL 1 Expands on fundamentals of yoga asana,

LEVEL 2 Inversions are introduced,

LEVEL 3 a minimum of 6 months practice required

LEVEL 4 Should be able to hold 5 minutes Sirsasana,get into Urdhva Dhanurasana, and Adho Mukha Vrksasana

RESTORATIVE open to all levels

Getting closer to the time of workshops at my studio in Orange Call 714-639-1058 just to make sure the workshop you are interested in, is not full.I only take 16 students , so place is limited To pre-register, email me at matad@earthlink.net After so many years of holding the donations down, this year at the studio, I will be asking that a donation of $30.00 for my workshop, and $72.00 for 8 classes. Ten dollars for single drop in. as always if you can not afford you do not pay, it will always be on the honor system, I do not keep count. Call Yoga Works for their prices.

Thursday 13 July 2016 updated

Monday 10:00 AM mixed level

A mixed level class, Standing Poses , Intro Inversions and back bends and rope work are introduced. , You do not need to bring any props with you, Ongoing means they are continuing classes, no start, no end. $ 72.00 donation, for 8 classes, can mix classes
Day(s)Mondays AM Level 1+2
Date(s)on going
Times(s)10:00 AM -11:30 AM
LocationDenise´s Yoga Studio

Monday 6:00pm -7:30 pm level 2 +3 ongoing Orange

For student who wish to continue with their practice ,a faster paced class for those who have completed level 1 + 2

Inversions, and Back arches and Ropes will be introduced, all props are provided Level 2 and 3 Ask if your not sure if your ready for this class

Day(s)Monday 3+4
Times(s) 6:00pm-7:30pm
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio

Wednesday 11:00 Mixed level Yoga Works Newport Beach

Mixed level, on going class, all props provided.except a sticky mat 230 Newport Center Drive suite 230 Newport beach 92660 949 640 9642 for prices
Day(s)Wednesday mixed level
Date(s) ongoing
Times(s)11:00-am -12:25pm
LocationYoga Works, Newport Beach, 949 640 9641

Wednesday 6:00pm- 7:30 pm level 2+3 Level

For continuing students, who have a basic knowledge of BKS Iyengar yoga, or have completed the intro classes and level 1+2. Back arches, and Inversions, Ropes are practiced in this class, all props are provided. Ask if your not sure if your ready for this class.
Day(s)Wednesdays 3+4
Times(s)6:00-7:30 pm
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio

Thursday 7:00 -8:30 Intro +Level 1

An introduction into the world of BKS Iyengar yoga , for new comers, and those getting back after a break, or those new to the Iyengar tradition All props provided There is still place in this class for new comers, Standing poses, restorative, forward bends, introduction to inversions. all props provided. NO CLASS THURSDAY 23 JUNE this classs only
Date(s)Ongoing , no class June 23
Times(s)7:00 pm -8:30 pm
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio

Friday 11:00-12:25 Yoga Works Newport Beach

Mixed level class, all props provided except sticky mat, call for prices 949 640 9642
LocationYoga Works 230 Newport Center Dr # 230 N.B. 92660

Friday 1:05-2:35 mixed level ongoing, CANCELLLED FOR THE MOMENT

Slower paced mixed level class, standing poses, forward bends, back bends ropes and inversions are introduced. All props provided From June 3, I have cancelled this class untill further notice, Depending on interest I might start again some time in July
Date(s)cancellled for the time being.
Times(s)1:05 -2:30
LocationOrange studio

Sundays 5:15 PM mixed Level Yoga Works C.M.

These classes are faster paced classes for the continuing student who already have the foundation of a yoga practice.They continue all year round. You can get prices from Yoga works, All props provided, except a sticky mat. 1835 Newport Blv Costa Mesa 92627, 1 949 642 7400
Day(s)Sundays Level 2+3
Times(s)5:15 pm - 6:45 pm
LocationYOGA WORKS, 1835 Newport Blvd, Bldg. A, Costa Mesa (949) 642-7400


Hip openers for those with stiff hips. AND WHO DOSE NOT ? All the time we spend sitting in cars, sitting in front off computers the hips get no movement. Open hips help you with all your Asana practice. Tight hips can cause lower back problems. and knee problems. Open hips are necessary for sitting Pranayama. This workshop is one of the most popular, so pre registration is required. this workshop fills quickly. you can call 714 639 1058 for up dates on availability,
Day(s)Sunday All Levels
Date(s)August 7. 2016
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio

KNEES WORKSHOP the Chamber pots of the body

A workshop to help understand the correct movements of the knees, how to open them, and how to fold them, There should NEVER EVER be pain in the knees, Learn how to move then in the correct way in all asana. and some asana to practice daily to maintain healthy knees. My Philosophy " the knees are the first thing to go, not the mind" lets keep them moving . Open to a levels, I will give you ways to work Yoga asana in class and at home.
Day(s)SUNDAY all levels
Date(s)SEPTEMBER 11. 2016
LocationOrange Studio


A workshop which will help you to understand why you are having lower back problems. It will help you find which muscles are under worked and how to strengthen them. You will also find out which muscles are overworked and how to rest them. If a violin is strung too tightly, it can snap, if it´s too loose it will have no resonance and no support to carry the music. The lower back can be looked at in the same way. This class will only be helpful if you have decided to do something about your problem, and practice what is given. Handouts will help you follow a daily practice. This workshop fills quickly, so please pre register. if your not sure until closer the dates I leave up dates to availability on 714 639 1058
Day(s)SUNDAY all levels
Date(s)July 24 2016
LocationDenise´s Yoga Studio


Take the weight of the world off the shoulders. Learn how to release some of the tension, find your problem areas, so you have a chance to change them. The workshop will teach you how to work with a daily practice to help you release stiff neck and shoulders. Some partner work will be done. Hand outs will be given in class. A very popular workshop, pre registration is required. If your not sure until closer the date I leave updates on availabilty on 714 639 1058
Day(s)SUNDAY All Levels
Date(s)OCTOBER 16. 2016
LocationDenise´s Yoga Studio

WOMANS WORKSHOP what every Yogini should know

In a woman's life we go though many changes, Hormonal fluctuations generally accompany a woman,s passages into each new biological stage, at Puberty, we have mood swings, acne, as Young woman PMS, depression, irritability, menstrual cramps ,heavy periods, Pregnancy can bring, morning sickness, postpartum depression, with Peri Menopause, comes hot flushes, Insomnia, depression, muscle pains, and dry everything. Geetaji Iyengar reminds us ," That if we are sensitive to our bodies, we will hear that nature is telling us something. As woman we have our own intelligence, which is near the heart, so we must never go far away from our deep sensitivity , and must practice Yoga that way." I believe that this is the most important workshop I teach, please pre register, you can always call 714 639 1058 for up dates on the availability. and leave your phone number to go on the waiting list if its full. This workshop is not for beginning students.
Day(s)Sunday MIxed Level
Date(s)SEPTEMBER 25. 2016
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio


These are fast paced classes as they are taught at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India. These Saturday classes are not for beginning students. Be ready to work hard and challenge yourself . At least ONE YEAR MINIMUM PRACTICE IS REQUIRED ask Denise if you are ready, no pre registration needed.
Day(s)SUNDAYS Level 3+4
Date(s)August 21 2016
Times(s) 1:00=3:30
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio


THIS IS THE SEQUENCE WHICH GURUJI GAVE IN HIS LATEST BOOK, LIGHT ON LIFE. This is the only asana sequence in the whole book, it would seem to me that this is what Guruji deems to be the most important thing which we need right at this time. Forward bends, back arches, inversions, are all part of the practice. held for longer periods of time. Its a good idea to have at least one year of Iyengar Yoga practice before taking this class, or ask Denise for if your ready.
Day(s)SUNDAY Level 1 + 2
Times(s) 1:00pm-3:30pm
LocationDenise´s Yoga studio


Two series of Yoga Asana one to practice in the AM,and one to practice for the PM.These sequences are put together by Guruji,BKS Iyengar, At the time Swine Flue was in Pune India. No one at the Institute came down with it. They are two wonderful sequences, to help strengthen the Immune system. Inversions will be practiced, free standing or with supports. open to all continuing students, what ever the level. Not for brand new students
Day(s)Sunday Level 2 +
Date(s)2014 no date yet
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio


The wall and ceiling ropes will help us do poses we dreamed about, challenge us to go deeper safer, and allow us to do poses we might not be able to do without a little help. We will practice, standing asana, back arches, inversions, twists, and forward bends, all with the ropes, its a very interesting way to practice, another of Gurujis inoventive ways to practice. The ropes are fun, and challenging,
Date(s)2015 October 4
LocationDenise´s yoga studio

Intro to HEART OPENERS , Back Arches

This will be a workshop for those who would like to open their heart, It will be a intro to safe and healthy back aches, It will be open to all levels of students. Who have had at least six months of Asana Practice. You can asks me if your not sure. The joy of opening ones heart is freeing, uplifting, joyful, exciting, and the benefits physically are amazing. True Yoga, Physical , Mental Emotional Yoga = Mind, Body, Breath.
Date(s)New workshop 2015 no dates yet
LocationOrange Studio


MANY OF US WANT TO START A PRACTICE BUT DO NOT NO WHERE TO START, THIS WORKSHOP WILL HELP GET YOU STARTED. Yoga asana will NOT be taught, we will work on putting sequences together, so you will know WHAT, WHEN, and HOW . So that when you get on your mat at home you will have some things to do.
Day(s)SUNDAY level 1 and up
Date(s)2014 no dates
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio


Restorative Yoga postures require little or no physical effort. They are calming, nurturing, and especially valuable when you are "stressed out" or physically ill. While being modifications of classical postures which use musculature and vital organs to maintain alignment, these postures use props to simulate the shape and gain the benefits of the original pose. No prior yoga experience is necessary as each posture is individualized. Pre registration is a must.
Date(s)2015 December 6
LocationDenise,s Yoga Studio


The king and Queen of Yoga Asana, are Sirsasana (head stand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder balance,) This workshop is to teach you how to do these and other inversion safely, , It is specifically for new students who want to learn how to invert safely, And continuing students who might be having problems, Please ask your teacher if they think you are ready. It is really good to see the world from another perspective.
Day(s)Sunday Level 2 +
Date(s)2015, next year 2016
LocationDenise's Yoga Studio

Post Mastectomy Workshop

These asana are a collection from BKS Iyengar and Geetaji when I was recoving from surgery.
Date(s)no dates yet


These Workshops are for Teachers registered, in the 300 hour Professional program, Yoga Works TTP 300 2014- 2015
Date(s)2014-2015 Oct 19.Restorative 2 Nov (4 hours )Restorative and Pranayama,Nov 22. Jan 11. Feb 8. Mar 8 .
LocationYoga Works Newport Beach

PRANAYAMA Intro number ONE

This workshop will be an introduction to Pranayama, For those who would like to take their Yoga practice farther. BKS Iyengar "Asana practice without Pranayama is lifeless." The breath is the thread which connects the mind to the body. Pranayama is the fourth limb of Patajalis Astanga Yoga, (eight limbs) Yama and Niyama =Moral and ethical conduct Discipline over how you live your life, Asana Discipline over the body Pranayama Discipline over the breath Pratyahara Discipline over the senses Dharana Concentration Dharana Meditation Samadhi Self Realization As you will see each step getting more challenging, yet each one connected. This will be the first intro class, more might be added later. number one and two must be taken before you can more on to Pranayama 3. suggested donation $20.00
Date(s)no dates yet
LocationDenise,s Yoga Studio

PRANAYAM series Number TWO

For those wishing to advance their Yoga practice, this workshop will be a continuation of Intro # 1, you may take it if you missed number one, but must take it before you can take Pranayama #3. If you have questions please ask.
Day(s)Sunday mixed level
Date(s)2015 November 1
LocationDenise,s Yoga studio


BKS Iyengar says " Asana without Pranayama is not Yoga." we will be linking one workshop to another. Number one and two Pranayama workshops must be taken before attempting number three, its fine if you have taken them at any time. ANTARA KUMBHAKA , MULA BANDHA will be added. SITALI and SITARKARI plus Digital Pranayama Home practice is recommended so in each workshop we can progress. It is required that you have an Asana practice, before joining this class. Ask if your not sure about coming to this workshop
Date(s)2015 no dates yet
LocationOrange studio

Pranayama series number FOUR

This will be a continuation of the other Pranayama workshops; We will explore Digital Pranayama , the use of the fingers on the nose, Guruji says we have to learn to play the prana sound, coming out and going into the nostrils like playing a musical instrument. In Asana we use the eyes, in Pranayama we use the ears.
Date(s)NEXT YEAR 2016
LocationOrange studio

PRANAYAMA series number five

For student who have completed the other Pranayama workshops, ask if your not sure your ready. digital pranayama will be introduced
Date(s)NEXT YEAR 2016
LocationDenises studio

PRANAYAMA series number SIX

This workshop is for continuing students who have take the earlier Pranayama workshops. Digital Pranayama will be continued from #5 . Nadi Shodana.will be practiced, You will have to have very short finger nails. Please ask if your not sure about your ability to take this workshop.
LocationDenises studio

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